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RMM RoundUp September 28

Wed. Sep. 28, 2016

2 Samuel 24  2 Samuel 24 is one of the most fascinating chapters in the Bible! The chapter begins with a most interesting remark: Again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he incited David against them, saying, “Go, number Israel and Judah.” (2 Samuel 24:1 ESV) Why would God incite David to do something that he would later punish him for doing? Does that make God the author of David’s sin? It gets even more complicated when we compare the Chronicler’s version of these...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 23

Fri. Sep. 23, 2016By: FBC Staff

  2 Samuel 19 The sensitivity of David is both a weakness and a strength in his leadership. In this chapter, he absorbs the grief of his son to the point of failing to recognize his loyal troops and neglecting the heart of the people. The emotion overwhelms him and clouds his perception of the people around him. Joab candidly confronts David about his lack of control so the king can make amends before another rebellion occurs.
 Emotions are a gift from God but often become the Devil’s...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 20

Tue. Sep. 20, 2016

2 Samuel 16 2 Samuel 16 continues the story of David’s flight from Jerusalem. It is hard to know what to make of some of these stories but collectively they illustrate the chaos and fog of war. The encounter with Ziba positively reeks of opportunism. If David is successful in mounting a comeback then Ziba will be richly rewarded. If Absalom wins the kingdom then all Ziba will have lost is the cost of the provisions. As for his claim against Mephibosheth, we never discover whether it is...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 16

Fri. Sep. 16, 2016By: FBC Staff

2 Samuel 12 David has committed a sin that deserves the penalty of death (Deuteronomy 22:22). God gives David the blessing of rebuke through the prophet Nathan in order to show him the gravity of his sin. To confront the king on his sin and declare God’s discipline on him likely did not feel like a privilege to Nathan but we ought to be thankful because without his faithful and courageous proclamation of God’s Word to confront David’s sin, we would not have the beautiful Psalm of...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 9

Thu. Sep. 08, 2016By: FBC Staff

2 Samuel 3 Although the house of Saul was beheaded and limping, it still opposed letting David’s house inhabit the kingly palace. Abner was ‘making himself strong’ in the house of Saul. That is until Saul’s son, Ish-bosheth, was enveloped with paranoia like his father and laid charges on his greatest commander. So Abner did what every self-made man would do: he switched sides. He cut a covenant with David, he proved his loyalty, and he begins to rouse the elders for David. Further, he...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 7

Tue. Sep. 06, 2016By: Paul Carter

2 Samuel 1 The book of 1 Samuel might be considered a prequel to the central story of David’s reign and kingship - the story told in 2 Samuel. 1 Samuel finished the story of the Judges and also narrated the story of Israel’s initial misstep with the house of Saul.  Both stories provide an essential apologetic for the Davidic line.  If the message of Judges is essentially: “We need a king from God!”, the message of 1 Samuel is: “But not Saul!” The king that is needed must be...Read More

RMM RoundUp September 6

Tue. Sep. 06, 2016By: Paul Carter

1 Samuel 31 1 Samuel 31 is the appropriate place for some reflections upon the life and death of Saul.  Saul has to be considered the preeminent tragic hero in the Old Testament. He was in many respects a great man and in many others a complete failure. The telling of his death manages to evoke memories of both sides of his complicated personality.  He died at the hands of the Philistines - the people he was commissioned to defeat.  And yet his body was rescued from...Read More

RMM Roundup September 2

Thu. Sep. 01, 2016By: FBC Staff

1 Samuel 26 David has scouted out Saul’s camp and knows exactly how to penetrate the defenses to get to the king. When Abishai was asked to go down with David he likely perceived it to be a covert-ops assassination mission. Instead, they stole some water and a spear—not the climax he was expecting! Even though Abishai whispers that God has given Saul into their hand, David restrains himself. David believes that Saul is God’s anointed and if God has exalted him then He can also humble him...Read More

RMM RoundUp August 31

Tue. Aug. 30, 2016By: Paul Carter

1 Samuel 24 This is the first of two occasions where David had the opportunity to kill Saul but would not. The story has many layers and many potential lessons. Most immediately it shows David’s wisdom and prudence. A man who expects to be king is careful about the example he sets for his men. What comes around tends to go around and David wants it to be clear that kings are not made by assassination and intrigue - they are made by the will and blessing of God!  The story also shows...Read More

RMM RoundUp August 26

Thu. Aug. 25, 2016By: FBC Staff

1 Samuel 18 On behalf of Israel David had been single-handedly victorious over Goliath, the Philistine giant. It is no wonder that his fame now spreads and everyone begins to love him. David was successful in whatever was put in front of him. The reason is clearly because God is “with” David. Verse 14 says outright, “And David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with him” (1 Samuel 18:14). The result for the most part was the love of the people. However, Saul was...Read More

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