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RMM RoundUp July 26

Mon. Jul. 25, 2016By: Paul Carter

Judges 9 Judges is one of the hardest books in the Bible to read - it is meant to be.  The story of Judges is about the downward spiral of God’s people away from obedience and blessing and into disobedience and curse.  It seeks to show what happens when “everyone does what is right in their own eyes”.  The people are weak, they are ruled by petty chieftains and tyrants, morality is forfeit, faith is polluted and the promise land is a ruin.  The conclusion is meant to be...Read More

RMM RoundUp July 22

Fri. Jul. 22, 2016

Judges 5 The book of Judges speaks of the time between when the Israelites are given the promised land and when the kings emerge. With God having covenanted with them as their ultimate ruler, they should have had longstanding peace and prosperity. But because of idolatry they faced a continual cycle of rebellion toward idols, chastening by God, repentance with a cry for salvation, and delivery from oppression by judges. Judges 4-5 contains the third of the six and a half of these cycles in...Read More

RMM RoundUp July 15

Thu. Jul. 14, 2016By: FBC Staff

Joshua 22 In the first chapter of Joshua, the Reubenites, Gadites, and half tribe of Mannasseh were told that they would be given rest and possession of the land Moses gave them to the east of the Jordan. But throughout the book, they have been helping the rest of Israel possess their allotments. Although land structure may separate them geographically, they were still a unified nation, God’s chosen people. This unity was made clear in Joshua 7 when the sin of Achan made guilty the whole of...Read More

RMM RoundUp July 14

Thu. Jul. 14, 2016By: Paul Carter

Joshua 20-21 Joshua 21 brings us to the end of 4 chapters that represent hard slogging for most modern readers.  Why do we need to know about which towns and which rivers went to which tribes?  Why is that even in the Bible?  The answer comes to us, finally at the very end of chapter 21: Thus the LORD gave to Israel all the land that he swore to give to their fathers. And they took possession of it, and they settled there. 44 And the LORD gave them rest on every side just...Read More

RMM RoundUp July 8

Fri. Jul. 08, 2016By: FBC Staff

Joshua 10 Most people today have not wielded a sword in battle so it makes it difficult to read Joshua as more than history or a good bedtime story. However, Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 and Romans 15:5 tells us that the events of Israel were written for our example and instruction. So how does the sun standing still in the Old Testament help us today? A coalition of five Canaanite kings from the south rose against Gibeon whom Israel had made a peace treaty. Their only hope against Israel...Read More

RMM RoundUp July 1

Fri. Jul. 01, 2016By: FBC Staff

Joshua 3 The Israelites were ready to receive the promised things of God. The anticipation while being so close was probably unbearable. But amidst this hope was a sense of dread. How would they be able to have this land when it was inhabited already by people who had no intention of leaving? Could they, skilled at wandering in the desert, mount a successful battle against established peoples and warriors? God knows the heart of man and He gave what the Israelites needed. He gave them a...Read More

RMM RoundUp June 29

Tue. Jun. 28, 2016By: Paul Carter

Joshua 1 The name “Joshua” - like the Greek name “Jesus” - means God saves and the Book of Joshua continues the story of God’s redemption of Israel.  Under Moses he sets them free from the tyranny of Egypt; under Joshua he leads them into the blessings of the Promised Land.  Salvation in the Bible is always ‘from’ and ‘to’. When we read the stories of the Old Testament we want to read them in two distinct ways simultaneously.  We want to read them first of all in terms of...Read More

RMM RoundUp June 24

Thu. Jun. 23, 2016By: FBC Staff

Deuteronomy 29 Moses concludes this book by exhorting strongly that Israel would commit to and obediently walk in the covenant that the Lord has made with them. He lays out the motivation for doing this by looking at the past, present, and future of God’s dealings with them. In this call to commitment, it becomes difficult not to see the truth that humans are hardened and blind to God’s grace. The Israelite’s salvation from Egypt, wandering in the wilderness, and conquering of land was...Read More

RMM RoundUp June 21

Tue. Jun. 21, 2016By: Paul Carter

Deuteronomy 26 Relating the laws about the Old Testament tithe to the New Testament church is notoriously difficult.  For one thing, in the Old Testament the church was also a country - in the New Testament the church exists inside of many countries.  Therefore, some of what was collected in the various Old Testament tithes would relate more to modern day taxes then church givings.  One of the other complications has to do with the fact that to many folks the word “tithe”...Read More

RMM RoundUp June 17

Fri. Jun. 17, 2016By: FBC Staff

Deuteronomy 22 In a book with so many regulations and laws, the reader can get accustomed to only seeing the restrictions. However, in this chapter, we should note that Moses puts forward some positive action. We should not read too fast past the first four verses because the sin of omission should be just as concerning as the sins of commission. We should want to act on what the law commands just as much as we want to refrain from what the law condemns. The Israelites were to extend care...Read More

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